Apr 2023

Dubious Degradable Plastics Shunned by Green@Community

All plastics claimed to be degradable were shunned by the Green@Community of the EPD as twelve samples of disposable umbrella bags branded ‘degradable’ while half of them marked with the recyclable triangle were found containing non-degradable plastics and carrying misleading claims by The Green Earth (TGE). As there are no regulatory standards for degradable plastics in Hong Kong, their claimed degradability is therefore doubtful. 

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塑膠污染 「1萬小時定律」也解決不了

The Charter on External Lighting Needs to Beef Up 

Outdoor lighting is to be shortened by an hour as recommended by the new Charter on External Lighting.  However,  victims of light pollution approached by TGE confessed it made almost no differences. To lobby for more stringent control and raise public awareness of the severity of light pollution in Hong Kong,  we are making a documentary featuring interviews of specialist doctors on the health impact of light pollution. 

Green Groups Urged Withdrawal of Lantau Tomorrow Development Project

Public consultation for Lantau Tomorrow was conducted unannounced by the Development Bureau as reported by the press last year.  Insistence on transparency made TGE and ten other green groups to jointly turn down the invitation by the bureau for the close-door meeting of the “Artificial Islands in the Central Waters” in February.  We call on the government to respect public opinions and withdraw the project.  Instead, housing needs could be met by firstly developing brownfield lands.

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Artisan of the Mountains – Guardian of the Countryside

Volunteer group of Repair Our Trails was formed in 2019 with supervision by veterans from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.  The skills and dedication to trail repair of masters such as Chen Muk Shing and Chen Tak Shing who station in Lantau country parks are as meticulous as mountain artisans.  Members of the public interested in their stories and contribution to the upkeep of trails can look up the video at our Youtube channel.

Pledge of Repair Our Own Trail Volunteer Group Honoured

Regular maintenance is crucial for the ‘handcrafted (eco-)trails’ made of natural materials.
Earlier this year, Repair Our Own Trail volunteer group visited the Repulse Bay Gap and Section Four of the MacLehose Trail to honour the pledge of ‘maintenance in perpetuity’ for the upkeep of “handcrafted (eco-)trails” that were laid in 2018 and 2019.  Rotten wooden steps and rusted nails were replaced.

Plantation Enrichment Programme -Tree Growth Survey

Tree planting is not simply the planting of seedlings and entails perennial maintenance including survey of tree growth.  In March, our Green Woods Squad visited eight planting sites to measure the height and width of more than a thousand saplings to document their growth.  We are happy to report that those seedlings planted three to four years ago have grown into four-metre-tall saplings.

Big Events Returned with Intensified Efforts on Waste Reduction

Return of public events has kept TGE busy from February to March.  We were invited by many organisers to provide support for the environmental management of events including HK 100 Ultra Marathon, Oxfam Trailwalker Hong Kong and Race for Water, etc.  The proliferation of takeaways under the pandemic has worried us about the resilience of a disposable culture.  But we were relieved to witness strong enthusiasm showed by event participants in waste recycling.  Over the past two months, we had reached 8,700 people and collected 860kg of recyclables through our event support work.

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Green Earth Companion - How businesses can take a green step forward

The natural resources of the Earth are finite, and every one of us should cherish the earth.  The Green Earth provides a walk-the-talk programme to businesses by suggesting practical solutions to tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues:

• Slash waste generation and disposal

• Minimise your carbon footprint

• Inspire employees to act green in the workplace and at home


Let’s walk together and bring about improvements on environmental sustainability.  

Contact cassiechiu@greenearth.org.hk to find out more information about Green Earth Companion.

Successful completion of Green Hero Challenge 2023

Green Hero Challenge 2023 was ended with great success in February.  We would like to thank the support of funding corporations, supporting organisations and participants.   This year’s itinerary covered almost 900km of trails over several country parks and drew about 580 participants.  Surveys were conducted along the trails allowing participants to get a deeper understanding of the obstacles facing the fostering of ‘leave no trace’ hiking culture.
The articles TGE has published from January to March 2023

With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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