Sep 2022

HK’s Environmental Scorecard since 1997 Handover

The Green Earth evaluated the HKSAR Government’s environmental performance in seven areas including waste management, climate change and energy over the past 25 years since its handover.  Headway was made in “noise regulation” and “improving air quality” while “waste management” scored the worst. Proposed development of country parks, massive reclamation work and encroachment of infrastructure projects poised high risks to “natural conservation”.

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回歸25載 環保成績好壞參半 明日大嶼等基建恐成未來環境負債


From Air Pollution To Waste, Has Hong Kong’s Environmental Report Card Improved Since 1997?


Recycling Rate and Rebate Well Below Global Benchmark

TGE learned that the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Plastic Beverage Containers has the recycling rate set at 40% for the first year, and rebate for each returned plastic bottle would be 10 cents.
According to our study of overseas cases , the average plastics recycling target is set at 70% for the first year, which is 30 percentage points more than that of Hong Kong.The refund for a used bottle is HK$1, a tenfold that of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Government should raise the bar by referencing international practices on plastics reduction. 

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生產者責任制減廢 政策配套須到位

Building incinerators is not the answer to waste problem 

The government’s proposal for the construction of three incinerators last year was a volte-face. According to our estimates, the processing capacity of three incinerators is 11,000 tonnes of waste a day, which is equivalent to our city’s one day municipal waste disposal.  Is this an acquiescence of defeat before the implementation of the Waste Charging and Producer Responsibility Schemes next year?
The government should get its priority right and focus on source reduction instead of planning incineration - end-of-life waste treatment.

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Environmental Decipherer New Series

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A total of 16 episodes have been aired since the launch of the programme.  The new series will focus on environmental governance and lawmakers’ deliberation.  You are welcome to subscribe and listen to the archived podcasts anywhere and anytime, be it commuting, exercising or before sleep.

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 Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau Published Online Trail StoryMap

Are you curious to know the villages and sights dotted along the trails in Lantau?  Their stories are told by the Trail StoryMap, displayed with Geographic Information System on Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau website

Hike in Lantau Cherish Lantau : Talk and Field Trip

Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau invited hkhiker to tell reminiscences of Lantau read in old books. Attendees were enthralled by stories of stone monastery in Ngong Ping, helicopter tour organised by Walter Chu, etc.

Records of our predecessors are irreplaceable even in today’s cyber age, so is our “Repair Your Own Trails” action.  Despite the sweltering heat of July, volunteers set for the Lantau Trail to clear the drains and replace the rotten wood at the drain opening.  Maintenance of drains is essential for protecting our cherished trails.

Green Event Ambassador Scheme Kickoff

The Jockey Club “Events Go Green” Programme has recruited more than100 volunteers for the new season of the Green Event Ambassador Scheme and had its first sharing session taken place on 12 September.  A series of training will kick off soon to groom volunteers for event ambassadorship and help promote waste reduction and recycling education.

Green Event Resources Platform: Green Procurement

Green Procurement is an online platform that connects green suppliers with event organisers.  It facilitates the search for reliable green suppliers of event venue, event planning, green workshops, tableware rental, food and beverage cantering, leftover recycling, etc. We welcome more green suppliers to join the effort.

Addition of Two New Planting Sites

Thanks to Henderson Land Group and Bupa Hong Kong, two new planting sites in Tai Lam Country Park have been added as part of our continuous effort.  In the coming five years we will introduce more native trees to these sites that were originally planted with exotic tree species, with the aim to increase biodiversity.      

A ForeverGift Charity Partner

ForeverGift is a legacy giving platform in collaboration with law firms to help people make wills free of charge and leave assets to charities. The Green Earth has become its charity partner since July.  Click here to know more

Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2022

The Green Earth continues to support the “Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference” this year. The conference is organised by the Chinachem Group and co-organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC). It will be held on 24 October in both physical and online formats. The theme of this year's Conference is "Creating Social Impact on the Zero Carbon Journey in Hong Kong". At the Conference, renowned overseas and local speakers will share on a broad range of inspiring topics and deliver case studies regarding the technical aspects of green buildings, green finance, and offer novel perspectives on how green buildings can intertwine with culture and conservation. Details & Register.

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