June 2022

Continuing Concern Over Bogus Degradable Plastics

By exposing the loose regulation of degradable plastics in Hong Kong has prompted the Environmental Protection Department to remove the relevant website.   Thanks to the reports of the media, the public was made aware of the truth of degradable products:  

➞Containing traditional plastic ingredients that will break down into micro-plastics;
➞Use of degradable materials prohibited by the European Union;   
➞Making contradictory claims of degradability and recyclability.  

TGE exhortations:
➔Regulate plastic products that cannot completely break down in Hong Kong;
➔ Update the Trade Descriptions Ordinance for regulation of claims of ‘degradable’ plastics;
➔ Stop buying products with uncertain degradability.

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Finale of Brand Research 

TGE conducted the research on brands of waste PET beverage containers for the third year and collected over 40,000 plastic bottles, originated from Mainland China and Hong Kong almost equally.  The top five brands are C’estbon, Swire Group (Coke/Sprite, etc.), Vita, Master Kong, and Watsons Water, which accounted for 52% of the collected bottles.

TGE beseeches swift implementation of the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Plastic Beverage Containers and increased regional cooperation to stop cross-border waste pollution.

Success in Making Early Regulation of Disposable Plastic Cutlery 

Regulation of disposable plastic cutlery of which 266 tonnes were discarded daily was imperative.  TGE hosted a press conference with nine green groups to demand for a complete ban on the provision of plastic cutlery for dine-in and takeaways before 2025.   The Environmental Protection Department finally agreed to submit the bill to the Legislative Council within the year for the earliest enactment in 2023.  TGE advised the EPD to set up clear reduction goals and conduct regular evaluations. 

Plantation Enrichment Programme – 2022 Plantation Relaunch

While tree planting work has been significantly stalled by the fifth wave of the pandemic, TGE seized the relaxed spell to step up the plantation work before the typhoon season.  We are thankful for the earnest response of volunteers who went to various sites to achieve this year’s plantation target of 1,720 trees, a welcoming enrichment of the country parks.

Official Launch of the Green Event Resources Platform 

Green Event Resources Platform was added to the Jockey Club Events Go Green Programme to provide one-stop consultation service for the organisation of waste-and-carbon light events.  The launching ceremony was officiated by Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing, Head of Charities of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Mr. Bryan Wong, and two Hong Kong long-distance star runners Christy Yiu Kit-ching and Chan Ka-ho on 10th June.

The Resources Platform covers the following features: 

Plan “My Green Event” - Organisers can help themselves to a free tailor-made green event plan by entering event specifications such as event type, capacity, venue, contents, etc.    

Green Event Procurement Search Engine – Provides information on all the support and service providers needed for the organisation of green events.  

Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau Public Lecture 

“Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau” Trail Environmental Education Programme is funded by the Lantau Conservation Fund.  A series of public education activities have been launched to promote recognition and conservation of Lantau trails.  The public lecture, ‘Lantau in the eyes of an ecological photographer’, featuring photographer Samson So’s introduction of Lantau ecological resources drew over a hundred attendees.  The registration of next lecture is now open! 

Our New Companions – Green Earth Companion Scheme 

TGE welcomes new companions to the Green Earth Companion Scheme: Café de Coral, EGS (Asia) Limited, Great Eastern Industries Limited and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited.

We aim to promote green business operations with companions of all sectors ranging from the formation of a green office to the formulation of corporate social and environmental policies. 

Rethink 2022 NGO Partner

The ReThinkHK 2022 environmental forum will be held during 5-6 October featuring more than 300 professionals delivering speeches on six main topics: circulareconomy, cities&mobility, decarbonisation, food&thenaturalworld, people&purpose and redefiningvalue.
The Green Earth has been the event’s supporting organisation for three consecutive years.  Register your attendance now with TGE’s code TGEP22 can have an early bird discount.  

With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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