April 2022

Never Let Degradable Plastics “Off the Hook”

‘Degradable’ plastic products are budding in the market,  our investigation found that they generally do not live up to their claims and may shatter into microplastics. However, the government encourages the use of degradable plastic bags on its Green Procurement website. And on its degradable plastic supplier list, more than half of the products cannot be completely decomposed showing the weak governance of the authorities.

The Green Earth urges the government to issue a set of guidelines for biodegradable plastics as soon as possible. If "degradable" plastics aren’t regulated, the plastic recycling industry will bear the brunt.

Better Be A Garbage Freeze Than Free Port

The Green Earth (TGE) reported to local press that Huawei Device (Hong Kong) Company Limited, a subsidiary of China’s leading corporation Huawei, was fined HK$ 12,000 for illegal import of e-waste last year. Huawei responded that it accepted the ruling and pledged not to breach the law again.

TGE successfully lobbied CMA CGM, the world’s third largest shipping company, to comply with Global Shipping Initiative which opposes waste transport. The shipping company will stop shipping plastic waste to developing regions starting from June.

Creation of the Environment and Ecology Bureau

The government’s cabinet reshuffle plan proposes the takeover of refuse collection from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department by the Environment Bureau with the objective of providing an all-inclusive service of waste collection and recycling.  TGE presses the government for enhanced community waste reduction and recycling support, including a greater role in waste reduction at the refuse collection points, in order to achieve overdue waste reduction targets.

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HK Light Pollution Gained International Publicity

The Green Earth made its maiden speech on light pollution at the Ecocity World Summit.  The luminance in Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui were reported to be nine times of the international standards according to the measurements by TGE.  The Environment Bureau has failed to regulate the city’s light pollution despite years of efforts promoting voluntary lights out.  A set of quantitative evaluation standards, taking into account of all stakeholders’ interests, after more extensive measurements by TGE will be introduced next year for reference by the government and businesses.

Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau─Trail Environmental Education Programme

Lantau Island provides a multitude of hiking trails rich in folklore and wildlife for exploration.  The programme will target communities and hikers for the exploration of the unique trails in the island with a focus in reducing footprints of eco-tourism.  Please stay tuned with our updates.  

Green Event Volunteer Training Under the Pandemic

Our volunteer workshop proceeds notwithstanding the fifth wave of the pandemic. An online Green Event Volunteer Workshop was organised recently for the elderly. A series of topics including fighting the virus in an environmental-friendly way, climate change, carbon neutrality was mentioned during the workshop.  The undaunted spirit of participants deserves a round of applause.  Parties interested in eco-training for volunteers should contact Jockey Club “Events Go Green” Programme - Green Event Volunteer Workshops.

“Green Hero Challenge 2022”  Has Completed 1,000km Trail of Litter Survey

Green Hero Challenge 2022 has successfully completed its mission. Between January and March, a total of 227 Green Heros were mobilized for 79 operations, with more than 14,000 pieces of trash cleared and counted on popular hiking trails. Over 1,000 km of trails have been covered. The survey found that tissue and cigarette butts accounted for the biggest proportion, followed by food packaging. If wet wipes and (wet wipes) tissue packaging are included, the number of “tissue paper" accounted for 32% of the total. As the pandemic has lasted for quite a long time, more people have visited the countryside to stretch their body to relieve their "anti-pandemic fatigue". It is hoped that citizens will bring "The Four Goodies for Hiking": reusable water bottle, handkerchief, food container (avoid bringing food with individual packaging), small bag (to take away rubbish such as fruit peels, surgical masks, etc.) to reduce waste generation.

Hermès Silk Scarf Charity Sale 2021

The Green Earth was delighted to be a beneficiary of Hermès Silk Scarf Charity Sale 2021.  TGE is grateful of Hermès’ support for its community education work, conservation and zero-waste advocacy.  

Recruitment of Conservation Enthusiasts

We are recruiting members for a light pollution research team.  Join us if you share our mission and are looking for a job that changes our environment for the better. 

With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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