Dec 2021

The Hong Kong Gun Club was prosecuted by the Lands Department and the Police Force

Perseverance has finally paid off. 

The Lands Department has imposed an encumbrance on the Hong Kong Gun Club, and the Police Force has also laid charges against the Gun Club’s licensees for failing to properly handle their shooting debris by leaving them spread around the countryside and waterways. The Green Earth urges the authorities not to condone polluters and set a time limit for clean-up; if the pollution remains, the land should be repossessed in accordance with the Lands Resumption Ordinance. 

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Hong Kong’s capital market “underperforms” as Hong Kong's climate policy fails to keep up with climate change

HThe Environment Bureau issued the "Hong Kong Climate Action Plan 2050" in October. However, it lacks solid measures or emissions reduction timetables for the carbon-intensive sectors such as electricity generation and transportation to achieve carbon neutrality.

In addition, The Green Earth reviewed 19 listed companies in the Hang Seng Indexes (power companies, transportation companies and banks). 42% of them followed the Hong Kong government’s carbon neutrality targets, while only 21% also having roadmaps for achieving the target. It reflects our pace in carbon reduction is lagging behind the global effort. 

Hong Kong as an international financial centre should accelerate the growth of green and sustainable finance, businesses should take immediate carbon neutrality action, and existing buildings should immediately enhance their energy-efficiency. These collective efforts will make a difference in cooling down the Earth.

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綠惜地球促加強應變措施 勿增用核電當零碳能源
2050年碳中和 企業先行?

The government is unassertive to regulate disposable plastics

The Green Earth welcomes the Public Engagement on Control of Single-use Plastics consultation document published by the Council of Sustainable Development in September, but expressed disappointment that the document did not mention any specific implementation timeline. The Green Earth urges the authorities to set reduction targets and timetables, which should not leave out imported plastic packaging, and to set strict standards for degradable or recyclable plastics. 

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A mini-documentary series “Ocean Plastic Clean-up Trainee”

The Green Earth has launched a mini-documentary series “Ocean Plastic Clean-up Trainee” supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust!  Five youngsters from our Ocean Plastic Clean-up Youth Training Programme nominated themselves to participate in the filming production.  They have conquered their fear of water and learned kayaking and diving to perform ocean clean-up from morning till dawn, in order to have a deeper understanding of ocean plastic and try to find solutions.

What have they found?

Ocean Plastic Clean-up Trainee (video in Chinese Only):
Episode I “Environmental Justice” 
Episode II “An Unseen Battlefield”
Episode III “Hope For the Future”
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Hong Kong Trails Day 2021

The Green Earth celebrates "Hong Kong Trails Day" annually on the birthday of MacLehose Trail (October 26th) aiming to promote the appreciation of nature trails. This year, we advocated the message of "Stay on the existing trails and don’t make your own" so as to reduce damages and disturbances to natural habitats. A webinar on "Climate and Outdoor Safety" was held that evening participated by nearly 150 outdoor lovers. Former Assistant Director of Hong Kong Observatory, Professor Leung Wing-mo, shared skills and scientific knowledge of weather forecast to improve the safety of outings. Hong Kong's top cross-country runner and coach, while Mr. Wong Ho Chung, shared his experience in facing different climate conditions during his overseas races. He reminded that proper preparation and wilderness knowledge are the key to protect oneself in the wild.

"Repair your own trail” Volunteer teams recently helped AFCD restore section six of the Hong Kong Trail and Hong Pak Country Trail by blocking unknown shortcuts and clearing blocked drainages. 

Latest news of The Green Event Team

In response to the resumption of large-scale events have resumed after a long suspension resulting from the pandemic, The Green Earth timely provides support to different event organizers in waste reduction and recycling, such as outdoor carnivals, the Social Enterprise Summit, Raleigh Challenge, etc..

Event organizers interested in collaborating with us please visit the Jockey Club "Events Go Green" Programme website for more information.

Green Hero Challenge 2022

“Green Hero Challenge 2022” is The Green Earth’s brand-new charitable event aiming at motivating the public to clean up Hong Kong’s hiking trails and to accomplish a comprehensive waste research in our countryside. We also wish to convey the message of cherishing our nature via the event. The funds raised will be used to support TGE’s campaigns and education programmes promoting a “zero-waste” culture in society.

Tree planting and Tree-Care

Time flies, our task of tree-planting and tendering for the first two woodlands established in 2016 in Clearwater Bay Country Park has completed. We are happy to see some seedlings have grown up to 2 meters tall.

On the other hand, we have begun preparation work of two new woodlands located in Tai Lam Country Park for welcoming the introduction of new local trees in the coming planting season.

Autumn is the best season for outings and also tree-care actions. We would like to express our gratitude to Munich Re, 3M, Towngas, ICBC and Bupa Hong Kong for participating in our tree-care work. The seedlings have suffered from prolonged dry days in April and many of them have had health problems.  Let’s give them blessings and hope they can get over the winter.

With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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