June 2021

Public consultation of producer responsibility scheme on plastic beverage containers

While more than four million plastic beverage bottles are discarded in Hong Kong every day, the recovery rate remains single digit. The Environmental Protection Department thus proposed a 10-cent rebate for every plastic bottle returned as an incentive for the public. However, such an unattractive rate has immediately drawn numerous criticisms.
The Green Earth (”TGE”)showcased a deposit-return system instead of a rebate system adopted internationally as an effective strategy through press conferences, forum, online video and joint petitions. The recovery rate could even be increased to 70-90% if the deposit level is set at 1 dollar.

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PET bottles brand audit 2019-2020

TGE collected more than 10,000 plastic beverage bottles via 40 beach clean-ups, of which CR C'estbon, Coca-Cola and Vita accounted for more than 40% of the total. Among various types of beverages, distilled water, mineral water, and other water beverages accounted for over 60%.
TGE urges the government to implement the producer responsibility scheme as soon as possible to mandate beverage manufacturers to take responsibility for plastic reduction and recycling to prevent plastic bottles from being left in the oceans. The government must also install more drinking water fountains and promote the “bring-your-own-containers”practice in order to reduce single-use water bottles and the associated water footprint.

Hong Kong Gun Club fails to clean up its shooting debris

The Hong Kong Gun Club, who has long been avoiding their responsibility, finally promised to clean up its shooting debris and conduct soil testing, after TGE’s persistent efforts over the past few years. However, during recent visits, countless lead bullets and broken pieces of clay pigeon were found around the Gun Club’s vicinity. The most outrageous practice is that the hillside is suspected of being paved with concrete to prevent the shooting debris from being washed away. 

TGE urges the Lands Department to request the Gun Club to expedite the progress of cleaning up and soil testing, and to establish preventive measures to curb further pollution.

Policy Response: “Roadmap on Popularisation of Electric Vehicles”

According to the Roadmap on Popularisation of Electric Vehicles announced by the Environment Bureau, new licences for petrol-driven private cars will cease by 2035.
TGE believes that the Roadmap should also cover commercial vehicles and accelerate the transition from fuel-mix to renewable energy as the reliance on electricity generated by fossil fuels by electric vehicles will hinder the city’s transition towards carbon neutrality.

"Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund- Re-Think Plastic Ocean Clean Up Action"

Since the kick-off of TGE’s Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund- Re-Think Plastic Ocean Clean Up Action in October 2020, we have been cleaning beaches along various coasts.  During the clean-ups, we found many plastic bottles stained with black oil on beaches, a "foaming plastic feast" in between the crevices and mangroves covered with different types of plastic wastes such as entangled ghost nets and a variety of short-lived plastic. Over the past few months, coastal, canoe and diving clean-up actions were organized to involve volunteers in removing wastes from the coastal areas. Behind these clean up actions, it is more important to reduce waste at source. 
Our ocean clean-up action can hardly be successful without your participation. Please act now to sign up for the "Beach Cleaning Vacation" Challenge. An eco-friendly gift will be given to you as a token of appreciation afterwards. 

Events Go Green

Whether it is a physical, virtual or a hybrid event, the Jockey Club "Events Go Green" Programme can customize environmental care ideas to event organizers! Our latest examples included the support for "Stanley Plaza x Food Salvager Urban Adventure Challenge 2021 "and "Hong Kong Water Race 2021" in March and May respectively. In addition to offering advice on waste reduction and relevant green measures to the organizers, we also promoted the Green Event messages through online briefings and on-site educational activities for participants and the public.

Country Parks  Co-learning Seminar - Wildfires in Hong Kong

Last year, 900 hectares of country park areas were destroyed by wildfires which was alarming to many of us.  Therefore, we organized an online seminar about Hong Kong’s wildfires which was attended by over 200 participants on 10th April! Apart from a lecture on wildfire science and ecology, the first-hand story of firefighting in country parks was shared by the frontline wildfire management staff!
Our sincere thanks to the speakers including Prof. Chau Kwai Cheong from the Department of Geography and Resource Management of CUHK, Dr. Lam Kin San, Senior Country Park Officer of AFCD, and Mr. Chan Yin Lun for their sharing.  “Our countryside deserves better forests and a vibrant natural ecology, instead of being destroyed by wildfires in a vicious circle and staying in a low biodiversity.” said Professor Chau.

Into the Green Woods Education Programme

Funded by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department ,“Into the Green Woods Education Programme” aims to raise public awareness on local biodiversity. As part of the programme, a volunteer team of “Green Woods Squad” were train up. Together, we learnt about woodland ecology and participated in tree planting projects.
An Encounter in the Woods, a mobile phone photo contest, was also organized during March-May to encourage the public to capture the beauty of local plants and animals while hiking in the countryside. Nine award-winning photos were selected out of 223 entries.

Green sharing and workshops for corporate partners

Over the past quarter, we organized various environmental seminars, volunteer training and upcycling workshops for our corporate partners, covering a range of topics such as plastic challenges, problems of micro-plastic in cosmetics, food waste and leave no trace.

Programme Details: Green Earth Companions 2021-2022

Plantation Enrichment Programme -- Planting seedlings during the pandemic

While large-scale public events were prohibited during the pandemic, our energetic and helpful volunteer team “Green Woods Squad” were divided into small teams to help conduct and complete all necessary tree planting works. Salute to our volunteers!

With their sweat and unfailing efforts, 1,725 native seedlings were planted in our three planting sites. We would like to acknowledge Henderson Land Group and Towngas’s continuous support to the Plantation Enrichment Programme

Night Walk for The Green Earth 2021

The pandemic could not stop more than 300 participants made up of the public and corporate employees in The Green Earth’s annual fundraising event Walk for The Green Earth 2021.

Despite the lack of physical event, every participant was enjoying and learning via the voice-navigated forest-bathing experience, laughter yoga workshop, night-time ecology seminar, online stargazing workshop, and treasure hunting game.

TGE would like to thank those who have offered unfailing support during this difficult time.

Charity Partner of ReThink 2021

The Green Earth is pleased to support ReThink 2021 as a Charity Partner. ReThink has created a platform for sustainability practitioners and business leaders to share sustainability initiatives. In October this year, the ReThink HK seminar will be held with six major environmental and sustainable development themes.

The admission fees for this seminar will be donated to TGE’s "Rethink Plastics" education programme.

Nomination Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards is now open

Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) is organized by Enterprise Asia, which aims to recognise and honour deserving Asian businesses for championing sustainable and responsible business practices. The award scheme also serves as a platform where winners can share, educate, and further inspire others to undertake CSR initiatives. 

Nomination will end in June 2021. Visit the website for more information.

With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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