June 2020
As the coronavirus pandemic is getting eased in Hong Kong, its arisen waste impact has upended our environment. A deluge of waste such as disposable surgical masks and plastic cutlery have been generated… It's worth our thinking that what kind of lifestyle we should adopt to enable real sustainability of our planet.

Call for Green Recovery ideas

In the aftermath of the epidemic, is our society resorting to the existing high-carbon model to revitalize the economy? We will be thrown defenceless once global climate change gets intense. Instead of criticizing in hindsight, The Green Earth invites you to give us ideas and suggestions for green recovery. Details

Your comments on the 50th Earth Day

Do you think planet Earth is healthy?

In celebration of the 50th Earth Day, TGE invited more than 60 government officials, corporate leaders, green group practitioners, journalists and KOLs to share their views on environmental issues. They generally considered planet Earth’s ecological health is at stake, incurably ill. Hong Kong’s green ambassador Ms Cherie Chung also had a dialogue with TGE on Earth Day…. 

Only genuine actions will lead us to plastic-free. Leading Confectionery Brands should Act immediately

Hongkongers consumed 340 million plastic external packaging for candies in 2019 whereby the amount for the inner individual packaging wasn’t included. The Green Earth points out that such plastic packaging is almost impossible to get recycled in Hong Kong and they often became trash. The Green Earth urges all confectionery producers to set plastic reduction targets for Hong Kong; introduce zero-packaged purchase; and develop non-plastic packaging alternatives. Only genuine actions will lead us to plastic-free. The Hong Kong Government should make packaging reporting mandatory by referencing the Singapore’s Mandatory Packaging Reporting Policy, which would help reduce plastic usage throughout  the entire product supply chain.

Our exuberant imagination of the woodland

“My favorite native woodland” coloring competition was concluded successfully. After receiving plenty of imaginative works on the possibility of enriching our local woodland, we have started to realize these designs by planting the first batch of local tree seedlings in our enriched woodland in Shing Mun Country Park. 

Litter and hillfire numbers surged in 1Q 2020

In the first quarter of 2020, waste disposal volume at country parks increased by 24% while the  number of hillfire skyrocketed by 350% year-on-year. 301.2 hectares of woodland were ruined in fire.
Tremendously shocked and disappointed by the surge, TGE urged the government to strengthen its education messages such as “plastic-free hiking” and “take your own litters home”, especially for those novice hikers who started hiking after the COVID-19 pandemic. We also urged the government to conduct a systematical analysis of factors contributing to hillfire and work out effective fire prevention measures.

Hillfire in Tai Lam

Get your priority delegate passes for ReThink 2020

ReThink, a platform specifically designed for professionals who are driven by, or challenged with, sustainability goals for their business or organization, is going to host the 2020 event on 2-3 September. This year, the seminar will focus on answering the most crucial questions for companies in Hong Kong and providing sustainable and innovative solutions. 

Passes can be applied online

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Green sharing for Convoy Global Holdings Limited

Sharing with employees of Convoy Global Holdings Limited via video conferencing on how one can easily practise green living.

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