March, 2020
Disinfection alone in no ways can combat the coronavirus. We must care for and respect nature so as to create a sustainable and healthy living environment. While many people are working from home during the fight against the epidemic, The Green Earth team keeps bringing the latest environmental information and activities that you can take part online.

Take You Litters Home

Many people found it too bored to stay at home during the epidemic and chose to go out for fresh air at countryside, which has overcrowded many popular hiking routes. However, more litters, especially face masks and tissue paper, were found at countryside.  As such, the countryside might become a place for virus spreading. 

Five common types of waste (Chi only)
Cleanup actions by volunteers (Chi only)
Selfish visitors (Chi only)
Tips for cleanup actions (Chi only)

Plastic free while combating coronavirus

One might order takeaways during the epidemic, please remember to avoid using disposable cutlery when you buy takeaways.  Just bring your own containers or opt-out the disposable cutlery when ordering from online apps. Please don’t increase the burden on Mr. Earth!

Rethink Marine Plastic + Waste PET Bottles Brand Audit Report 2018-19

The Green Earth (TGE) summarized the data from 44 rounds of PET bottles brand audit in 25 beaches in Hong Kong between 2018 and 2019. Through analyzing the data, we revealed the environmental responsibilities of regional & Hong Kong governments, beverage producers and the public.

During the audits, we found a number of historical and strange “hidden gems” which are documented in a newly created Rethink Marine Plastic Website to share with you the stories that even the sea can’t “swallow”.

Community soil testing results announced

Since June 2019, Hong Kong Police has fired around 16,000 teargas canisters in various districts, but the government did not unveil the ingredients or health impacts to residents living in those districts. TGE collected soil samples at a primary school and sent them to certified international laboratories for dioxins (PCDD, PCDF, PCB) and cyanide tests.

Although the results are within the EPD recommended levels, TGE stresses that dioxins are carcinogens, which are difficult to decompose naturally and can accumulate in the body, therefore we cannot take it lightly even for a small amount.

TGE urges beverage producers to stop using PVC material for packaging

Burning plastic might not produce dioxins which is likely to be produced if PVC (#3 plastic) is burnt. While the world’s leading brands in the F&B industry announced timetables of zero-PVC packaging, TGE collaborated with the Mainland-based green group “Toxics-Free Corps” to test packaging materials of beverage bottles. Results showed PVC is used in the packaging of Hong Kong beverage brands like Vita, Watsons Water, Tao Ti, Hung Fook Tong and Lucozade. TGE urged them to stop using PVC material by redesigning the package.

Congratulations to winners of ‘The Trails, The Natural Beauty’ Hong Kong Trails Photo Contest

How beautiful are the mountain trails in Hong Kong? You will be amazed at their natural beauty through the winning photos of “The Trails, The Natural Beauty” Hong Kong Trails Photo Contest on TGE website. Judged by a group of professional, the winning photos were selected among over 500 entries with the Popularity Award being selected by public voting online. 

Please click to view the winning entries

Plantation Enrichment Project (PEP) – Volunteer Tree Care Day

Tree care work is crucial to the growth of seedlings after they are planted on the site. In mid-January, 13 volunteers joined TGE to conduct caring work at our PEP site in Clearwater Bay Country Park. We would like to express our hearty appreciation for their help in removing weeds and applying weed-inhibiting fabrics. We hope the activity will enhance participants’ knowledge regarding the conservation work for tree seedlings. 

“Design Your Woodland” Colouring Competition”

The tree planting season is coming, TGE has launched a colouring competition and is pleased to invite you to design our new planting site in Shing Mun Country Park. You may receive an arugula seedling gift pack upon participation, and even planting activity quotas for outstanding entries. Information regarding some local trees can be found on TGE Facebook. Please stay tuned to our Facebook posts.

Activity details (Chi only)

Green sharing for Hong Kong International Airport

Sharing with the staff of Hong Kong International Airport on why and how humanity must aim at zero-carbon by 2050 or even earlier for survival in the long run.

Green sharing for Hong Kong Housing Society

Sharing with Hong Kong Housing Society on the city’s waste crisis and ways to reduce waste at the source.

Get your priority delegate passes for ReThink 2020

ReThink is designed specifically for professionals who are driven by, or challenged with, sustainability goals for their business or organisation, and the 2020 event will focus on answering one of the most crucial questions for companies in Hong Kong:

How can we help businesses accelerate change towards a more sustainable future?

Through inspiring speakers, action-focused discussions and real-life solutions, ReThink 2020 will provide answers to this question, through a carefully curated two-day conference and workshop programme supported by an innovation showcase with the best in suppliers and service providers. Click here to join.

A successful Night Walk for The Green Earth 2020

The fourth annual charity walk “Night Walk for The Green Earth 2020” was successfully held on 11 January. With the nice weather and beautiful stars and Moon, 800 participants walked from Pak Tam Chung to Sai Kung High Island Reservoir where they enjoyed the nice view along the journey and learnt the history of plastic use in Hong Kong. We are grateful for all participants’ wholehearted support to our green initiatives by bringing along their water bottles and cutlery to enjoy the vegan refreshments and snacks of different eras onsite!


Green Event Support
– Tung Wah iRun 2020

This was the third year that TGE cooperated with TWGHs in its Special Marathon iRun 2020. In order to reduce waste further, we collected edible food from participants.  Five cartons of bread and fruits were collected and donated to the needy in society. A green event can only be made possible with the joint effort of organizers, participants and volunteers.

Thank you for supporting “Sustainable Trail” Self-guided Tour

Our four-month “Sustainable Trail” self-guided tour programme ended in February with huge success. The QR codes along the eight selected trails were scanned for more than 10,562 times. Thanks for the support from hikers, and we hope you like the trail stories and conservation knowledge offered by this programme. 

With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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