September 2020

The government turned a cold shoulder to lead pellets and shooting targets shattered over the countryside

The Green Earth (TGE) has once again revealed a large number of shooting garbage such as lead pellets and fragments of shooting targets were found spreading in the Tai Lam Country Park and the waterway adjacent to the Hong Kong Gun Club.  A survey done by TGE found heavy metals of lead, arsenic and antimony in all ten soil samples collected. The highest level of lead was found to be 274 times over the limit set by the Environmental Protection Department. 

TGE urges the Lands Department to investigate and mark out areas contaminated by heavy metals. TGE also demands the polluter to take up its due responsibility of cleaning up the affected areas and preventing any further pollution.

EDP should act now as waste from disposable tableware increased by around 50%

In the absence of official data, The Green Earth launched a survey on “Disposable Takeaway Cutlery Usage". Having visited around 50 restaurants, it was preliminarily found that the frequency of takeaways had increased by around 50% compared to the norm before the epidemic. The Green Earth urges EPD to enhance the promotion for waste reduction and clean recycling, and strengthen the recycling facilities to curb the disposable culture and to ease the waste disposal pressure on landfills.

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Waste Charging could be back, recycling facilities must be strengthened

Whether the extended Legislative Council will bring alive the waste charging bill that was suspended from scrutiny is still in doubt. The Green Earth urges the government to fully implement the Plastic Recycling Pilot Scheme in all 18 districts in Hong Kong before the end of its term in 2022 so as to regain public confidence in the recycling system. This is a key step to help win public support for waste charging.

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Love Our Trails

The Green Earth received a special consent from Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department whereby from mid-June onward, our trained volunteers can conduct minor trail-care tasks such as drainage clearance and short-cut correction on the MacLehose Trail. There will be more trail-care actions and study activities in the coming Autumn. Please stay tuned!

Glimpse on tree growth

Is the first batch of seedlings planted in Shing Mun Country Park growing healthily? We visited them and applied fertilizers in summer. Most of the seedlings were growing well. However, due to less rainfall in July and Aug, the soil was quite dry. Interesting little creatures were found at the site during the visit, which made us even more excited to see a mature native woodland established by this project. 

Jockey Club “Events Go Green” Programme

The Green Earth initiated the Green Event Campaign in 2016. A new chapter of the Campaign, Jockey Club “Events Go Green” Programme’was launched in June 2020 with the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. 

Initiatives such as waste reduction support for organizers, volunteer training and a series of community education programmes will be launched in the 3-year programme. More green events are expected after recovery from the pandemic.  

“Waste Reduction Support for Green Events” Programme is now open for applications (charity events with 300-5,000 participants are welcomed). 

The online workshops are now available for group applications

The Green Earth has prepared a series of online talks and upcycling workshops for group applications. The interactive talks and workshops will cover the latest anti-pandemic and environmental protection information.  Click here to get more details of the workshops and application methods. 

Green online sharing 

Fighting against the coronavirus and protecting the environment are equally important. Though many of us were required to work from home in the past few months, TGE kept sharing green messages through online systems. The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Public Financial Holdings Ltd and NWS Holdings Ltd have participated in our interactive online talks to explore ways for green living during the pandemic period. 

Learn more about Green Earth Companion Programme.

With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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