September, 2019
Confronted with critical environmental crisis in this summer, The Green Earth encourages all to be proactive in safeguarding our planet Earth and our city.

Wasted PET Bottles Brand Auditing in Hong Kong Coastline: A Draw on Traditional & Simplified Chinese Character Labels

Over the past year, The Green Earth organized 43 beach clean-ups with 11,321 PET beverage bottles being audited -- of which Traditional Chinese characters branded and Simplified Chinese characters branded both accounted for 48%. The proportion of the latter was much higher than the Government's estimation.
TGE urged Coca-Cola, Vita, and other local brands to be committed to setting waste reduction and recycling targets. We also appealed to the Guangdong Provincial Government and the Hong Kong Government to strengthen cooperation on regional marine waste management.  

Listed Companies Should Reinforce Environmental Information Disclosure

In July 2019, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange & Clearing Limited (HKEX) completed the public consultation on the review of the Environmental, Social and Governance reporting (also known as ESG Reporting) guide and related Listing Rules, in which the bar was raised regarding green measures like the disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions.  The Green Earth calls for the inclusion of Waste Management information disclosure. During the consultation period, TGE had reviewed the ESG reports of the 50 Hang Seng Index constituent stocks and found the reports were of mixed quality in environment and governance disclosure. As such, we urged the strengthening of regulations and submitted a proposal to HKEX.

Is Hongkong the world’s top waster?

Risk assessment firm Verisk Maplecroft announced their Waste Generation and Recycling Indices 2019 in July, and stated that “US tops the list of countries fueling the waste crisis”.
However, The Green Earth discovered that if Hong Kong were included in the data pool, our per capita waste generation exceeds that of the US. 

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"Take Your Own Garbage" Survey

Trash bins at country park trails have been fully retired for a while. Has the measure changed the way you dispose of garbage? The Green Earth, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of North Carolina have jointly launched a "Take Your Own Garbage" survey to collect opinions from Hong Kong hikers. You are invited to spend 3 minutes to fill out the simple questionnaire.

Link to the Survey

Can you smell autumn? It’s time for hiking/ trail activities!

A host of exciting public events under the Make Our Nature Trails Sustainable – Leave No Trace Education Programme are launching in October, stay tuned!

 “Hong Kong Trail Day” (19 Oct, Tai Tong, Yuen Long) - Let’s celebrate the 40th birthday of the MacLehose Trail and enjoy the fun games at the “Love Your Trails” booths as well as the workshops on conserving and building sustainable trails. 

"Trail Self-guided Tours": The Green Earth has designed eight selected hiking routes to let you explore the beautiful trails while acquiring knowledge of trail conservation.

"Trail: Nature Beauty" Photo Contest: Divided into “Landscape” and “Family” categories, the competition will enable you to capture the beautiful scenery and the sweet family moments on the trails. Act now!


Plantation Enrichment Project

Thanks to our interns and volunteers who conducted the annual seedling survey under the toasting sun.  We were glad to find many seedlings still surviving after the fierce typhoon Mangkhut. Some of the trees welcomed us with beautiful flowers, which is encouraging, but we have to remain mindful about climate change.

Probably the most participated beach cleanup by beer practitioners in the world

Carried in two large coaches, executives and frontline staff of Carlsberg marched for beach cleanup at Little Hawaii, Sai Kung, in June, and conducted survey on plastic packaging waste.

Green Ambassador training for Hong Kong Book Fair 

For the second year, TGE delivered a workshop on the challenges in Hong Kong’s waste management and recycling for Hong Kong Book Fair’s Green Ambassadors who helped to  guide exhibitors to reduce and recycle their materials as they move out.

Green Office Seminar at Public Bank

Our Executive Director Edwin Lau shared with the ESG team of the Public Bank in July about environmental management in workplace such as waste reduction and energy conservation.

SVHK & Bupa Trail Cleanup at Shing Mun Reservoir

TGE led a trail cleanup with volunteers from Social Venture Capital SVHK and Bupa Insurance at Shing Mun Reservoir. Participants had their first personal experience of plastic pollution impacts on the nature.

Waste Reduction Rate Reaches 46% in a Charging Pilot Scheme!

In addition to the Green Event Campaign, TGE has collaborated with six event organizers to implement waste reduction measures and carry out waste charging pilot test during their events. Under the effort made in waste reduction and recycling, the highest waste reduction rate has reached 46%!

Night Walk for The Green Earth 2020 

This annual charity walk is scheduled on 11 Jan 2020 and will be open for enrollment in late September. The walk will take you along the plastic footprint and look at the evolution of different ages. Please save the date, share with your friends, and stay tuned for updates!

TGE has published 18 articles from June to September

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減碳長策 港府怎爭能源自主空間 (2019/8/24)
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Carrie Lam must defuse Hong Kong’s protests and clear the air with a revolutionary policy address (2019/8/12)
釋誠意破亂局 林鄭宜積極回應 (2019/8/10)
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滬史上最嚴垃圾分類 捲土重來 (2019/7/27)
執垃圾與民主法治 (2019/7/2)
Environmental crisis should not be ignored amid protests over extradition bill (2019/6/30)


With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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