June, 2019
The recent political controversies have instantly made the public more aware of public policy related issues and is willing to make an effort to conserve the set of core values that Hongkongers have embraced for long. 
Maxim’s Cake and Arome Bakery Have Promised to Reduce Plastic Bag Usage
Plastic bag waste accounts for the greatest portion all plastic waste dumped in landfills. According to The Green Earth (TGE)’s research findings, the disposal amount of plastic bags used by bakery shops is the highest among all types of usage over the past decade, which is even higher than the total number of plastic shopping bags used by supermarkets and convenience stores together.
TGE suggests all bakery shops to stop distributing free plastic shopping bags to customers when products are wrapped in individual bags, even it is allowed under the current exemption.
Maxim’s Cake and Arome Bakery have positively responded to our call. In addition, they pledged to not distributing plastic cutlery to customers who buy birthday cakes. TGE welcomes their swift response for improvement and hope that more bakery shops will follow suit. TGE also encourages bakery shops to avoid using individual wrappings to further reduce the usage of plastic bags. 

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Bullets from HK Gun Club Spreading Around our Country Park and Reservoir
TGE discovered that Hong Kong Gun Club did not implement appropriate waste management measures for lead pellets, fragments of the shooting targets and plastic wads generated from their shooting exercises. These wastes were widely spread around the country park and catchment areas. A large number of plastic wads have ended up in Shing Mun Reservoir.
The Water Supplies Department has started its investigation and may make prosecution to the Hong Kong Gun Club. TGE urges the Lands Department to monitor the Club’s waste management actions and require it to strictly follow the waste management measures stipulated in the relevant land lease.

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Urging the Authority to Enact Waste Charging Policy
Seven green groups, including TGE, have invited the senior officials from the Environment Bureau for a meeting to discuss about the waste charging policy ordinance. We exchanged views on the following aspects: the enforcement and monitoring measures, the usage of collected waste charge, the extension of central collection of plastic waste (Type 1 to 7 plastic waste where Styrofoam is included will be collected under the scheme, composite plastic items are excluded). The meeting has eased some of the public concerns and has responded positively to the groups’ appeals. Therefore, we urge the authority and the Legislative Council to approve the ordinance as early as possible to tackle the pressing waste challenges in Hong Kong.

Love Our Country Park, Take Your Litter Home
The waste collected from country trails has kept reducing, however, some 3,000 tonnes of waste were collected in country parks in 2018. TGE has done a trail waste research at 12 popular hiking trails in Hong Kong wherearound 4,500 pieces of trash were collected. The top three types of trash, which are plastic food packaging, plastic bottles and tissue paper, have already accounted for half of the total trash amount. The result shows that the mindset and environmental awareness of visitors should be greatly improved. To protect and care about our beautiful country parks, TGE urges the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to do more waste reduction promotions to visitors. In response to our appeal, HKTB put the waste reduction appeal on their official website. 


Muse Up! Youth Musical Theatre Group
Having brought the teenage members of the Group to visit a plastic recycling plant and distribution of surplus food from a wet market with TGE, we brought the teenagers  together with their parents to do a beach cleanup at Ha Pak Nai, Yuen Long, aiming at learning the problems of ocean plastic waste and understanding the importance of plastic waste reduction. Through a series of activities, we hope they would all become green ambassadors and integrate green elements into their musical performance. 

Continue to Support Event Organizers GO GREEN!
In the last few months, TGE have supported the waste reduction work of the following events:
Sai Kung 50, Victoria 162, NKC Scout Trail Run, Hike for Hospice, Run Wild Music, Healthy Hike & Run, Run for Girls, Race for Water, Hong Kong Water Race, Walk & Run for Water, Run Brave
Race for Water (3/2019), Hong Kong Water Race (4/ 2019), Walk & Run for Water (5/2019), Run Brave (5/2019)

There was a lot of rainfalls from March to May this year. Yet, the bad weather did not curb our enthusiasm towards our green actions. Thanks to our volunteers who worked with us to promote waste reduction even under heavy rain.

Concert Recycling at Theme Park (4,5/2019)
TGE and The Hong Kong Disneyland again joined hand to promote waste reduction during the concerts for British singer Ed Sheeran and Taiwanese band Mayday. After the eight concert nights, a total of 585kg plastic raincoats (around 8,000 pieces), 227.5kg plastic bottles and plastic bags (around 9,100 plastic bottles) were collected for recycling.

Green Event Promotion – The Green Event Award

The Green Event Award, which is organized by TGE, have ended with an award ceremony and tree planting activity held on 25 May. The winners are:
Green Event Award (in arbitrary order): Geo Hero Run, Oxfam Trailwalker, TWGHs “iRun”- The Hong Kong Jockey Club Special Marathon    
My Most Liked Green Event Action Award: Standard Chartered Marathon Souvenir Badges recycling

Green Runners

Three Green Runners Tours were held in the last quarter:
The 8th Tour: Post Running X Bird Watching (Guest Coach: Steven Ng)

The 9th Tour: Stretch for Running X Sports Nutrition
(Guest Coach: Dr. Caren Lau, Rocky Chan)

The 10th Tour: Running along Victoria Harbour X Light Pollution
(Guest Coach: Wong Ho Fai, Hahn Chu)

Plantation Enrichment Project
Last year, Super Typhoon Mangkhut has destroyed a huge number of trees throughout Hong Kong including those at our planting sites, hence, this year’s tree planting activities have postponed for a month.
TGE has done five tree planting activities in country parks at Clear Water Bay and Shek Lung Kung with corporate volunteers. Not only to replace the fallen trees, planting native tree seedlings could also enrich the biodiversity for country parks.
Apart from tree planting, we have done tree seedlings caring works. To ensure the seedlings planted last year are growing healthily, our volunteers helped weeding, fertilizing and checking the height of the seedlings. 

"ECF Make Our Trail Sustainable – Leave No Trace Education Programme"

The students from TGE’s “Make Our Nature Trails” volunteer training scheme Phase I were graduated. On the certificate awarding ceremony, we recalled the length of trails repaired and the number of wooden stairs crafted, and shared encouraging stories. Why would the 60 volunteers, who had never used a hoe before, join our trail repairing training? Let’s see the video clip.

Training Snapshots (Video Clip)
Graduation Ceremony Snapshots
Canon Environmental Talk
Business Environment Council Forum on Waste
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre 
The Award Presentation Ceremony of the “Plastic-Less Planet” Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Graphics & Video Creative Design Competition 2019 (Primary & Secondary School)
The MacLehose Trail 5x100km Trail Cleanup Challenge

Mr. Wong Ho Fai, our Green Ambassador, has collected waste from the MacLehose Trail on five consecutive days in March. Thanks Fai Sir for donating half of the crowdfunding donation of this challenge to TGE.

RTHK “Pentaprism” – Mr Earth Is Sick
The first Earth Day, 22 April 1970, was launched in the US. We have been saying Mr Earth is sick since then. But 49 years have passed, our Earth does not seem to get any better. The Earth never needs humans, but humans do need the Earth. 

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With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.
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