February, 2019
The Green Earth Wishes You A Happy Lunar New Year!
The weather of Hong Kong was abnormally warm during the Lunar New Year. However, the United States was seriously affected by a record-breaking cold wave  "P
olar Vortex" with temperature has once dropped to around minus 50 degrees Celsius, while Australia was struck by a heat wave where the temperature at one point has reached almost 50 degrees Celsius. If humans do not change our unsustainable lifestyle, extreme weather is likely to occur more frequently in future and all of us will suffer.
A Small Achievement in Plastic-free Movement
The Green Earth (TGE) has been persuading the leading beverage producers to reduce usage of plastic in their beverage packaging. After two years of lobbying, the local beverage producing giants, including Swire Coca-Cola, Watsons Water and Vitasoy, have finally agreed to make a step forward in reducing their single-use beverage packaging. They aimed to recover 70% to 90% single-use beverage containers including PET bottles and liquid cartons by 2025, and have promised to set up water dispensers to sell water without  single-use PET bottles.

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How Much Plastic Can Its Stomach Accommodate?
The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) declared that Billy, which is a cow lived in Pui O, was died from stomach blockage  through ingesting many plastic bags. This marks the first local case of wild animals get killed from plastic pollution. We humans do have the ability and responsibility to prevent wild animals from suffering the pain that Billy had gone through. “The fewer plastic bags we use, the fewer chances for cows to eat rubbish” said Cathy, the vet of AFCD, in our video interview.

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Waste Charging Policy
A poll initiated by five green groups, including TGE, has found that over 80% of grassroots respondents support the implementation of waste charging policy for waste reduction. It shows that the grassroots are also concerned about our waste problems and are willing to bear the green civic responsibility. The concern on increasing financial burden would be eased as the government is prepared to offer subsidies to recipients of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) scheme.


Opposition to Large-scale Land Reclamation
The Task Force on Land Supply has submitted the final report to the government. 13 green groups criticized the authority for underestimating the development potential of brownfields. We urged the authority to consider  the public opinions where we suggested to prioritize development on brownfield sites in the NT. The eight proposed land supply options will provide a total of around 3,200 hectares of land. The green groups believe that the very large-scale East Lantau Metropolis reclamation needs not be considered given that the other seven options will be able to supply 2,200 hectares of land.

Day Run‧Night Walk for The Green Earth 2019
The third annual charity walk called “Day Run‧Night Walk for The Green Earth 2019” was held on 26 January. This year, a record-breaking of 1,000 participants joined to hike at the 957-meter tall Tai Mo Shan to enjoy the day and night view at different levels of the mountain. The weather was nice, as it was not cold or foggy. Participants were able to view the starry night sky and the night view of our city. As usual, we adhered to our Green Event principles for waste reduction throughout the whole event. In addition, we offered vegan refreshments as a way to lower the carbon footprint of our event.

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Green Event Promotion - Green Fun Day and Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony
TGE has recruited over 300 Green Event Volunteers in the past two years to help promoting the green event culture. The volunteers have accumulated  over 2,000 hours of services. To express our gratitude to our volunteers, we held the “Green Event Fun Day and Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony” on 31 December 2018.
At the ceremony, various activities including banner upcycling workshops, country park plogging and clean-up activities, and game booths, were held in order to publicize the green event culture.

The Green Event Award
TGE has launched the “Green Event Award” aiming to commend events and event organizers with outstanding green measures. Good practices of the awarded events will be included in the “Green Event Waste Reduction Practice Handbook” as model cases for public reference. Public are also welcomed to vote for “My Most Liked Green Event Action Award”.
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Continue to Support Event Organizers GO GREEN!  
In the past few months, we supported the following events:

Hong Kong Theme Park 10K Race, St. James’ Settlement GOrun Together 2018, RMAC Gold Coast 15K 2018, RUN Charity Race 2018, Pink Run HK, Central District Promenade Anti-crime Race and Carnival, Mountain Range 50, Stride for A Cure, UNICEF Charity Run 2018, NWS Geo Hero Run 2018, Can Run, City Challenge Race 2018, SKDCC X emoji® Run for Charity 2018, 2018 Run With Your Heart, NOVA Trail Race 2018, Vibram HK100 Ultra Trail Race, TWGHs “iRun” – The Hong Kong Jockey Club Special Marathon 2019, Sun Life Resolution Run


Trail Repair Workshop

The first batch of 60 trail repairing volunteers has successfully completed the “Make Our Nature Trails” volunteer training scheme!
Due to excessive usage of trails by hikers, soil erosion has got worse  on many country trails in Hong Kong. TGE organised this volunteer training scheme as we believe every trail user could make an effort to repair the trails. Under the guidance of tutors from Taiwan Thousand Miles Trails Association and AFCD staff, students have learnt the concept of sustainable trail management through a series of indoor and outdoor workshops. To fill gullies for easing erosion, we fixed the trails with handicraft and natural materials.
This activity is one of the key projects of “TGE’s Make Our Nature Trails Sustainable – Leave No Trace Education Programme”, which is sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund. 

Veolia Hong Kong Environmental Education Activity

In the past few months, we delivered four eco-talks to staff working at different sites of Veolia Hong Kong, who is our Green Earth Companion. They learnt about climate change, waste management and plastic pollution while enjoying their plastic-free lunch. 

Corporate Volunteer Beach Cleanup Activities

In last December, TGE led corporate volunteers to do beach cleanup at Junk Bay and Ha Pak Nai. A total of one tonne of waste was removed from the beaches. 
Climate Watcher, a programme of RTHK Radio I, interviewed Vivien Cheng, our Director of Community Partnership, about the “Make Our Nature Trails” volunteer training scheme. Vivien talked about the aims of the scheme and the importance of trail and country park conservation. 

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With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.
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