November, 2018
“Better late than never” is the best way to describe the recent announcement of the municipal solid waste charging proposal by the government. Hong Kong waste problem is challenging, we need all sectors of society to support the waste charging policy since landfill space is running out!
The Green Earth 2nd Annual General Meeting 
The second AGM was held on 23 October. This year, some new passionate faces have joined and made our team even stronger! Hope your will continue supporting us! The second Annual Report has been published to give an overview to our work of last year. Click here to view it.
Waste Charging
Typhoon Mangkhut has brought numerous plastic bottles and broken styrofoam from the ocean back to land. Dumping these wastes into the ocean is not a proper nor wise solution to get rid of them. The waste charging bill has just been submitted to the LegCo and its implementation will be postponed again to the end of 2020. TGE urges the LegCo to pass the bill with no delay to suppress the overwhelming waste generation.
Waste Reduction in Outdoor Events – Municipal Waste Charging Pilot Scheme

When the waste charging legislation is in place, large-scaled events will also need to bear the waste disposal charge. With the support of Environment and Conservation Fund, TGE will perform a waste charging pilot scheme for six large-scaled events and provide suggestions to the authority for reference.
Pink Dot Carnival was the first event that joined the pilot scheme in October. During the event, designated garbage bags provided by the Environment Protection Department (EPD) were used to measure for the volume of waste disposal.
Short-lived Plastic Brands Survey
Through recording the brands and number of plastic beverage bottles on coasts, we have come up with an initial finding:

1. Among the collected plastic bottles in our survey, up to 38% of the bottles is with simplified Chinese characters, which is much higher than the  government’s findings released in 2015. To cope with the regional marine waste problem, TGE urges EPD to strengthen the cooperation between HKSAR and the Guangdong Province.
2. Regarding brands, most waste plastic bottles are belonging to the Coca Cola family. The number of bottles from Vita and Watsons Water came next to Coca Cola. TGE requests the beverage producers to bear their environmental responsibilities by pledging plastic reduction targets and timeline.
PR1、 PR2 、 PR3 、PR4 、 
PR5 、 PR6 、 PR7
Art.1 、 Art.2 、Art.3 、 Art.4 、 
Bottle Deposit Refund System: Plastic Beverage Bottles Producer Responsibility 
Participants were offered HK20 cents by TGE for every clean PET bottle returned. This five-Saturday pilot programme had collected over 14,000 PET bottles and was welcome by the grassroots. The result shows that economic incentives such as a bottle deposit refund system could increase the recycling rate as well as helping the grassroots. 

PR1、 PR2 
“Green Event Waste Reduction Practice Handbook”
In the past two and a half years, TGE has supported over 50 event organizers to implement waste reduction measures in their festival events. We have consolidated the experience and published the “Green Event Waste Reduction Practice Handbook” . The handbook is produced for reference by event organizers, which includes practical suggestions from waste reduction at source to recycling.
Download the handbook
here for free.
The Green Event Award
TGE is going to present the Green Event Award to commend  organizers and  events that fulfilled the most green practices. The awarded events will be included in “Green Event Waste Reduction Practice Handbook” as model cases for public reference. Public can also nominate event organizers to win My Most Liked Green Event Action Award.

For details, please 
Click Here 
Learn Green Event practice with fun – Green Event Green Fun Day

Date: 30 December 2018 (Sun)
Time: 10am – 4:30pm
Venue: Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam
Activity highlights:
  • Green Gears Display – Wanna be a zero-waste hiker? Come and see what gears can help you!
  • Green Event Game Booth – Learn how to be a green participant in a festival event!
  • Banner Upcycling Workshop – Come and make your unique banner cardholders!
  • Plogging/Country Park Cleanup Activity – Let’s sweat for our Nature!
  • Green Drama in the Woods – Performed by Muse Up! Youth Musical Theatre Group.
Timetable will be released soon, please watch out for it!
Green Runners Tours

Two Green Runners Tours were held last quarter. We visited Lai Chi Kok Park to look at trees and recycling facilities at Kwun Tong Community Green Station.   
The 5th tour:
Guest - Wan Cheuk Hei   

Muscle Enhancement X Community Recycling Exploration

The 6th tour:
Guest – Stephen Yau     

Tree Exploration X Pose  Running Method


Continue to Support Event Organizers GO GREEN!

In the past few months, we supported the following events:
Go Fun Fearless Dragon Trail Run 2018, Raleigh Challenge - Wilson Trail, PB Run 2018 (Tseung Kwan O), PB Run 2018 (Ma On Shan), Hong Chi Climbathon 2018, AVS Run & Walk for Volunteering 2018, Swire Intra-group Running Competition 2018, Run Our City(ROC) Convoy Totem Run 2018, Pink Dot Carnival 2018
ROC Convoy Totem Run 2018 (10/2018)

It was the second year we support Totem Run in the implementation of green measures for the event. The measures were well received by participants. We hope the Green Event culture will become a tradition in the coming Totem Runs. 
Pink Dot Carnival (10/2018)

Green actions were taken in this pink carnival. Pink Dot supported Green Event. Not only doing recycling, it also invited WeUse and Go Cup to provide tableware and plastic cup rental service. This year, we rescued 6,100 plastic bottles.
Make Our Nature Trails Sustainable – Leave No Trace Education Programme
There are more Hongkongers enjoy hiking. With the recent increase in number of visitors and the surge of trail running events, the usage and intensity of impact has accelerated the process of trail erosion, TGE has launched a new programme named “Make Our Nature Trail Sustainable – Leave No Trace Education Programme” (The Programme), aiming at inspiring the public to put “Leave No Trace” practice into action while enjoying the country side and to promote knowledge and concept of trail conservation through a series of public engagement activities.
Public Lecture on Old Trails in Hong Kong
The first talk was held on 31 October. Mr Kwok Chi Piu, President of Photo Hiking Club and Mr Lee Yee Keung, Chairman of Association for Sha Tau Kok Culture and Ecology were invited to share the overview and historical stories of old trails. The talk aimed to raise the public’s interest and understanding towards the historical value of country trails.
The second public lecture is now open for registration:
Click Here. We have invited 
Dr Wong Fook-yee, well-known as the Father of the Country Park to tell the story of MacLehose Trail.

In next January, the Trail Repairing Volunteer Scheme will start. Please look forward to our promotion!
After the brunt of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, there were dozens of fallen trees lying over Hong Kong. Lots of marine waste, mostly are short-lived plastic waste like plastic bottles and styrofoam, were washed up to shores. Thanks to our volunteers for joining our cleanup actions to remove the fallen trees and waste at country parks and  beaches.
Tai Po Kau Countryside Cleanup (2018/9/22)        Snapshots
Dung Ping Chau Coastal Cleanup (2018/9/23)          Snapshots
Lai Chi Wo Coastal Cleanup (2018/10/14)                  Snapshots
Corporations and residential estates are another important stakeholder to help spread green messages. TGE keeps reaching out to different corporations and residential estates to encourage them to act green by sharing green messages and doing green actions together.
Villa Monte Rosa, Hong Yip Service Company Ltd.
SMCP Asia Limited, UBS AG
SMCP Asia Limited Coastal Cleanup Activity at Ha Pak Nai (2018/10/12)
Participants created a sea turtle using the collected short-lived plastic
Group Photo
《Day Run Night Walk for The Green Earth 2019》Enrollment Starts!
Day Run Night Walk for The Green Earth 2019 is our major fundraising event. Not only the Night Walk, this year we will  have a new activity added – Day Run. Participants could enjoy the beautiful view of Tai Mo Shan at day or night time. The funds raised will be used to support TGE’s works that promote “zero-waste” culture in society.
Date: 2018/1/26 (Sat)
Venue: Tai Mo Shan
Event details and enrollment:
Click here
Day Run
Time: 10:00am - 02:00pm
Night Walk
Time: 04:00pm – 10:00pm
With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.
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