People often drink cold bottled drinks to reduce heat in summertime, and more plastic bottle wastes are produced. Plastic Free Campaigns have been launched one after another around the world to remind people to reduce plastic pollution. So, remember to bring your own bottle and cutlery! Go Green! No Disposable Plastic!

Waste Reduction

Short-lived Plastic Campaign

Plastic bottles are the common packaging waste that accounted for almost half of the global plastic waste. Please lend your support to The Green Earth (TGE)’s Survey on Brands of Waste PET Beverage Containers while doing cleanup at country parks or beaches. Let’s persuade the beverage producers to take greater responsibility in waste reduction and recycling.


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Plastic Bottles Deposit and Refund Policy

deposit scheme
TGE has analyzed the recycling results of countries/cities that have implemented plastic bottles deposit and refund policy. The average recycling rate is 73%. If the policy applies in Hong Kong, we estimate at least 4 million plastic bottles can be prevented from dumping at landfills every day. The deposit and refund policy is a relatively mature and effective means being adopted globally to raise recycling rates and help reducing plastic waste from entering the oceans.

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Waste Charging Policy

Waste charging policy is an effective way to reduce waste and there should not be any delays. Twenty green groups and the recycling industry have jointly urged chief executive to submit the draft bill to Legislative Council within this year.

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waste charging

Country Park Conservation

郊野 住房
Over twenty grassroots concern groups and green groups have released a joint statement for the first time, emphasizing there is no confrontation between country park protection and public housing supply. We are concerned the government who creates unnecessary social conflicts to conceal the long-term unfairness on land and housing planning.

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Muse Up! Youth Musical Theatre Group – Food Saving Experiential Tour

After visiting Kowloon Bay Plastic Sorting Center, this time we brought the youth members to help a food-saving organization to collect surplus vegetables from Shek Kip Mei Wet Market. The youth also performed short dramas with their creativities to solve the food waste crisis.

muse up
green event
Keep Supporting Outdoor Event Organizers GO GREEN!

TGE keeps promoting the Green Event culture. We supported the following events in the last quarter:

- Sun Life Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships
- Adidas x Parley Run for The Oceans 2018, - - 2018 Olympic Day,
- TouchWoods Summer Parent-child Steeplechase

Sun Life Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships (6/2018)
In the Dragon Boat Festival, it was the first time TGE supports the recycling and environmental education work in a large-scale dragon boat event. 13,400 plastic bottles and aluminum cans were successfully rescued and sent to a recycling center. Thanks to our 80 volunteers who gave great support to us under the hot weather! We hope there will be more green dragon boat events in future!

Engaging the private sector is one of the key directions in our advocacy and education work. TGE keeps reaching out to different industries telling them the environmental challenges confronting Hong Kong and every individual.

Plastic pollution, waste charging policy and climate change are the topics often chosen by corporations to find out what they can do to reduce these environmental problems. During the interactive sharing, participants were often asked to give feedbacks and thoughts to make them feel deeply involved in developing practical green solutions for their companies. They felt that the green tips offered by TGE are applicable in their daily life too.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) is keen to reduce waste for the Book Fair 2018 and has invited our executive director to give a training to their Green Ambassadors who were given two missions: To reduce waste disposal; and to turn waste into resources. Both the ambassadors and the HKCEC management were motivated to embrace their green responsibility.
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corp talk3
KPMG, Swire Properties
HKCEC Book Fair, Urban Group

TGE has published 20 articles from June to July:

膠備競賽 (2018/7/29)
世界級電子垃圾奇觀 (2018/7/28)
大帽山蓮姐 源頭減廢好榜樣 (2018/7/28)
“Producer pays” levies for recycling of waste must not be passed to the consumer (2018/7/23)
The name is plastic, short-lived plastic (2018/7/15)
政府介入收膠 為垃圾費鋪路 (2018/7/14)
Power industry appears to be leading the government when it comes to developing market (2018/7/13)


花花far away
Family-friendly Green Musical “Far Far Far Away”

Story Background: A scientist has invented a flower that can consume waste. Can we rely on the flower to solve the waste problem? Humans will finally understand the importance of caring the environment.

A forum will be held by Hong Kong Children's Musical Theatre and TGE after the show.


TGE’s fans can buy tickets with 15% discount, please show the discount code CMT1815 when purchasing the regular-priced adult tickets.

With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we could make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.
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