Hong Kong’s daily maximum temperature has reached 33 degrees Celsius and beyond for sixteen consecutive days. The Very Hot Weather Warning has been in force for 300 hours which has broken the record. We have to act green immediately; otherwise the Earth will become unlivable soon. Let’s see what we have done in the past few months!

Wast Reduction

Some achievements in Reducing the Use of Disposable Cutlery

The growing fast food delivery services will lead to higher consumption of disposable cutleries. Consumers seem to have no ways to opt out these short-life cutleries. TGE wrote to five fast food delivery app companies suggesting them to add an option of “plastic free”. Consequently, four out of the five companies have taken our advice to give a “plastic free” choice for their customers.

When foodpanda added an option of “No disposable cutlery” in March, 20% of its customers have chosen the green option within a month. honestbee Hong Kong has also become the company’s leading branch in Asia in response to plastic reduction.

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Countryside Conservation

No Conflicts between Conservation and Development

Figure Out the Root Cause of Hong Kong Housing Problems

country park
“ ‘Expensive’, ‘Small’ and ‘Crowding’ are what Hong Kong people facing. Overpriced housing price and high rent, making it hard for citizens to own a property……” written by the government in the consultation document of increasing land supply. Though this description reflects the fact, TGE warns that land will never be enough when land is treated as merchandise or a speculation tool by local and foreign investors.

TGE appeals to the public to send emails to the Task Force of Land Supply before the consultation deadline on 26 September, telling them country parks should not be an option.
The government will provide an online channel for the public to express their opinions in June. Let’s speak up for the country parks.

We believe the following options should be of higher priority for development:
● Brownfield sites
Land under Private Recreation Leases
Vacant Government Land for Village Type Development

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Protect Nam Sang Wai

nam sun wai
Several fires were broken out in Nam Sang Wai recently. TGE and other green groups held a press conference to urge the police to investigate the cause of fire and arrest the persons creating such damages. Meanwhile, we also suggested the government ways to protect this “Wetland of International Importance”.

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Green Events Promotion

Green Runners Tours Have Started!

Running can also be greener. Since Feb, TGE has launched a series of Green Runners Tours to share green running experience and daily living green tips while practising runs. We have different environmental topics each time, and invite famous running coaches to share their running tips and green tips. More activities are coming up, please watch out for it!

Let’s review on the completed Green Runners Tours:
1. Guest - Wong Ho Fai: Snapshots
Running & Concentration – Chasing for Health in Body, Mind & Spirit
2. Guest - Stone Tsang: Snapshots
Cross-country Running and Natural Trail
3. The Green Earth: Snapshots
Clearing Waste in Countryside – Plogging
4. Guest - Kam Wing Keung: Snapshots
How to Run & Eat Properly

Continue to Support Event Organizers GO GREEN!

TGE actively promotes Green Event. We feel encouraging that more and more event organizers have taken on our green advice to cut waste.

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A Drop of Life - Race for Water 2018 (3/2018)

The race covered half of the mountains on Hong Kong Island. Recycling points were set up along the trail. Thanks to the hard work of TGE volunteers and staff of the organizer. Another event held by ADOL “Walk & Run For Water 2018” in May also participated in our green event programme.

Wofoo Social Enterprises - Hong Kong Water Race 2018 (4/2018)

We had 60 little volunteers and their parents to be the Green Ambassadors helping us to encourage runners to use reusable cutlery and practise recycling. The waste reduction result was encouraging. The 10 trash bins set up by the organizer were not even need to use.

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Mayday G.R.E.E.N. Recycling (5/2018)

Outdoor concert can also be a good place to deliver environmental messages! Taiwanese band Mayday held outdoor concerts in six evenings of May. The Green Earth and The Hong Kong Disneyland joined hand to actively promote green event messages to fans at entrance and exit of the concert area. The fans were surprisingly enthusiastic and supportive about recycling. Recycling amount kept increasing every night. 150kg of plastic bottles were collected (equivalent to 6,000 plastic bottles). All the collected items including plastic bottles, packaging bags and souvenirs were properly recycled or donated to others.

go green
Parties joined ECF “Be a Green Event” Outdoor Events Waste Reduction Supporting Scheme in the last quarter:

Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care - Hike for Hospice 2018, Her Fund SHERO Walk, Polar Half Marathon Relay Challenge 2018, Victoria 162, RaceBase - The 9 Dragons Ultra, Plan International Hong Kong - Run for Girls, LifeXplore HK Centre - Running HK

The scheme is FREE of charge. For details and registration, please click here
Plantation Enrichment Project Spring Plantation Was Completed
pep HLD2
pep HLD3
The lasting high temperature and low precipitation increased the difficulties of doing plantation. TGE was pleased to get the support from more than 400 corporate volunteers and TGE volunteers to complete the plantation mission this year. We planted 2,100 native tree seedlings in Clear Water Bay Country Park. We would like to express our gratitude to Henderson Land Group for sponsoring TGE to adopt a new tree planting site in 2018.

Project Details
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Private Housing Estates Clean Recycling Promotion Scheme Completed Successfully

Thanks to the 50 private housing estates for joining the scheme. Up to 3,000 residents have visited our Clean Recycling Showroom which raises their awareness on clean recycling. We also provided two outdoor training activities to property management companies and cleansing workers. We visited Kowloon Bay Plastic Sorting Center and Kwun Tong Community Green Station for participants to learn more about the real situation of recycling.

Muse Up! Youth Musical Theatre Group

TGE has become the green partner of Muse Up! Youth Musical Theatre Group of Chung Ying Theatre Company. Starting from April, we have been exploring waste reduction topics, like plastic, food saving and green event, with the teenage members of the theatre group. They will produce a social-related drama as the deliverable of the programme.

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Wang Jiu Liang’s, Director of Plastic China, View on Hong Kong Waste Problems
plastic china2
“Plastic China” and “Beijing Besieged by Waste” are two inspiring documentaries that record mainland China’s waste and recycling problem. TGE joined several post-screening discussions of the documentaries and shared our views. We interviewed Director Wang before a screening at HKU, let’s see his observation on Hong Kong waste problems.

Interview Video Movie Review
Video Links:

Beijing Besieged by Waste

Plastic China (26-min Media Version)

Plastic China (53-min TV Version)

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《DYXnet Green Parent-child Orienteering Game》Enrollments Starts
In the orienteering game, parents and their children could learn the skills of using compass, reading map, solving problems and practicing green concepts while playing games at check points. The game will be held in August. Children between 4 to 12 years old and their parents are welcome to join.

Organizers: BeConfident Alliance, LifeXplore HK Centre
Beneficiary: The Green Earth

Details & Registration: Click Here
Plastic Shopping Bag Charging Donation Scheme
plastic bag donation2
Greeners Action, Green Power and The Green Earth jointly launched the Plastic Shopping Bag Charging Donation Scheme aiming at soliciting donations from retailers to promote local green work, such as reduce using plastic shopping bags.

If you are interested in the scheme, please contact us via or call us at 3708 8380.
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Tree Seedling Care Day (3/2018)

40 volunteers went up to our tree planting site to check the seedlings planted last year and took records of their growing status.

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“Green Event Volunteer” Training Activity – Recycling Plant Visiting Tour (4/2018)

Having visited a recycling plant of certain scale, we found that the types of recyclables being handled are more than our expectation……


Job Vacancy

The Green Earth is looking for new team members who love working on outdoor activities and support our green vision and mission.

Project Officer/Senior Project Officer (1-2year contract)

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